Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mon Atelier

Today we have a "studio tour" on the "Daily Painters" site.
So here's a collage of my studio.

Atelier by Liza Hirst
Want this studio? It's for sale with the adjacent property.
Send me an e-mail for more information.

Yes, my studio is FAB! But - for over twenty years I did not have any studio and it is only since last year that I was able to move into this converted barn. And of course I LOVE it! I give painting classes here, too. That's why there are the tables and all the chairs. Unfortunately though we have not yet managed to install a heating system, which means I'm back to our dining table at the moment because it is freezing in the studio. One thing really puzzles me - I have (nearly) always painted huge pictures in tiny spaces and now that at last I have this vast studio I paint tiny little daily paintings....??? Is there a deeper reason behind that?


thawtex said...

Hi Liza! My studio only looks clean because I have not worked in it for 6 months. And I did not photo the flat files which I could NOT get to if I wanted to for all the boxes and canvases leaning against and on top of them.
In contrast your generous comments really apply to your own space! I had a great space like that once, too!
Thanks for your gracious comments on my website.
Keep painting!

Takeyce said...

Liza, your studio is AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Liza Hirst said...

Thanks to both of you for leaving these kind comments!