Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First Snow

It snowed all night - it is freezing - the sun is shining - the atmosphere is beautiful! Quite unusual for this area.

Es hat die ganze Nacht geschneit - es ist bitterkalt - die Sonne scheint - die Atmosphäre ist wunderschön! Ziemlich ungewöhnlich für diese Gegend.

First Snow by Liza Hirst

oil on canvas panel - Öl auf Malplatte - huile sur carton entoilé
15 cm x 15 cm / 5,9" x 5,9"
110 Euro + 10 Euro s/h

If you would like to buy this painting for 110 Euro Click here
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René PleinAir. said...

Sehr schön, .. morgen wieder einen!!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Liza,

It is very pretty. (sehr schon)
(don't know how to make an umlaut.)Just lovely-- such subtle colour -- just what we've been seeing here.

Take care,


Liza Hirst said...

Thank you both!
Barbara, when one doesn't have the Umlaut on the keyboard, one writes "oe" or "ue" or "ae".
But its not all that important - of course everybody would understand what you wrote!