Saturday, July 25, 2009


Muddle by Liza Hirst

oil on canvas panel - Öl auf Malplatte - huile sur carton entoilé
15 cm x 15 cm / 5,9" x 5,9"
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Barbara M. said...

Hi Liza,

Wonderful -- I love this. Lovely colours, superb painting. Great!


usetty said...

lovely colors and composition.

Liza Hirst said...

Hi Barbara, thank you! This one was fun to do! I started with quite a different concept - wanted much more of the pot and the sprigs going upward, but somehow I must have been so fascinated by the "muddle" that I was drawn right into it.

Liza Hirst said...

Thank you for your kind comment, usetty!

Don said...

This is a lovely piece, Liza. Love the color.

Aliaena said...

Intricate, intriguing piece Liza - good for you, it's really lovely. Reminds me of the Durer grass studies... challenging stuff.
All the best! Aliaena

Liza Hirst said...

Thank you, Don! I am pleased you like it and very pleased to have found your own work hereby!

Liza Hirst said...

Dear Aliaena,

What a compliment! I thank you very much! And I really appreciate that you made the effort of sending me Duerer's painting as well!!
All the best to you, too.