Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Tulips

Pink Tulips by Liza Hirst

oil on canvas panel - Öl auf Malplatte - huile sur carton entoilé
15 cm x 15 cm / 5,9" x 5,9"
sold - verkauft - vendu


Thomas Haskett said...

Wow, love the light in all your work. Amazing!

Nancy Colella said...

These are just about the most delightful flowers I've seen painted in a long time!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Beautiful light on the tulips. The picture has such a great feel of warmth and sunshine.

mary maxam said...

yes, delightful...that covers it very nicely :)

Liza Hirst said...

Hi to all of you and a big thank you!
I am travelling at the moment and haven't been able to comment or post during the last few days. I am thrilled about your kind comments and
appreciate them very much!