Friday, January 16, 2009

Little French Factory

I am clearing my studio - for a limited time on saturdays (French Time)I am offering a selection of original paintings at half price, starting this week.
Its a great opportunity to acquire the painting you've had an eye on!

Ich räume mein Atelier auf -
für eine begrenzte Zeit biete ich Samstags eine Auswahl an original Ölgemälden zum halben Preis an. Start diese Woche.
Eine tolle Gelegenheit, das Bild zu erwerben, mit dem Sie schon liebäugelten!

Little french Factory by Liza Hirst

oil on canvas panel - Öl auf Malplatte - huile sur carton entoilé
15 cm x 15 cm / 5,9" x 5,9"
sold - verkauft - vendu


Sheila Vaughan said...

This painting is really interesting Liza. The colours are so senstively done and I love the way parts of the roof have nearly the same value as the sky - you almost get 'lost edges' on that left hand side. I really like it.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Liza,

The roof on this reminds me of the style of gas stations in Canada long
ago. Sometimes garages had the same
roof line. By now these buildings are rare, run down and exotic. When were they built in the 30's, 40's, 50's? A gorgeous painting.


Liza Hirst said...

Thank you, Sheila - Thank you, Barbara! I'm quite happy with this one, too. I think it is the 30's style, Barbara, but I'm not certain. I discovered this building in a backyard in the small town of Riberac near to where we live, on my search for interesting facades. Its the same here - only a few rare buildings like this are left and apart from my interest in their shapes, colours and styles, I like the idea of "archiving" them, too.

Amanda said...

Oh I just LOVE this one! (I would buy it in a second if I wasn't unemployed at the moment). I'll be back though.

Liza Hirst said...

Thanks so much, Amanda! I wish you good luck with finding a new employment. Seems like quite a few of my customers have lost their jobs - hope things get better.