Thursday, July 05, 2012

Arlington Way

Arlington Way by Liza Hirst

Today was a good day for plein air and I had a great time painting this little street in Islington. People looking on were so friendly and interested. Two men, independently of each other, even specially parked their vans on the other side of the street in order not to disturb my view. So kind!

oil on wood panel - Öl auf Holzplatte - huile sur plaque de bois
15 cm x 15 cm / 5,9" x 5,9"


Lisa Graham Art said...

I love it Liza! Is the car purple? I really like the colors.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Great street scene. I am not able to work plein air in the city yet...too insecure. Any suggestions?
I have been enjoying your work lately. "Red Scarf" and "Mini Stop" caught my eye.

Barbara Muir said...

What a sweet story, and lovely painting. So perhaps the people make up for the weather. That makes me happy.

So delighted that you're painting again.


Liza Hirst said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you! The car wasn't actually purple but somehow just ended up that colour. Some of the red got into the dark blue I was using for the car.

Liza Hirst said...

Hi Catherine,

Thank you very much for your kind words about my work. I was also very insecure about painting in the city at the beginning but once you've done it, you realize it's easy and lots of fun and want to do it again and again. It helped me a lot to meet up with other artist friends and do it together, so that would be my best suggestion. Take the plunge and good luck!

Liza Hirst said...

Dear Barbara,
How right you are! People here in London are very friendly, polite and talkative, which does sort of make up for the weather. I am happy myself that I am painting again, especially as I notice how rusty one gets even in a short period without it. I hope I can keep it up. Meeting with my painter friends for plein air sessions helps a lot.
Hope we can paint together sometime!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Liza.
Love this one. All is brilliantly done, especially the Car. I have signed up for your updates Liza, but not able to follow you. I tried this on Google, but no good. I don`t want to do this on any other than Google. but it is probably me, again. all the best liza.